What's Your Story? With Neyla Al Sada

Join us in this new session for The Lab with Neyla Al Sada, as she teaches us the basics of creating a Zine, and creative storytelling.

What's a Zine?

A zine, short for magazine, is a self-published and handmade graphical journey of your story. It is very much like a handmade book put together with whatever is available to send a message.

We are all made of stories waiting to be told, this workshop gives you the space to tell your own story in the way you want to tell it whilst meeting new people and their stories creating a new circle of memories and ideas.

What we'll learn

  • New skills such as basic binding, collage, and zines.
  • Helping designers to use these skills of storytelling in their design and mood boards.
  • Networking and exposure.
  • Exchanging ideas.
  • A safe space to tell your story.

This workshop is great for people in the creative industry, anyone interested in crafts and creativity, and graphic designers 🚀


Register for free here (limited slots): REGISTER HERE

Date: October 23

Time: 5 PM - 8 PM

Venue: Space340